IPPR, driving force of circular economy since 2004

We live in a world that must necessarily become more circular and sustainable. This is why we need drivers that can trigger change and encourage virtuous behaviour on the part of private companies, the public administration and the citizens at large.

IPPR, the Institute for the Promotion of Recycled Plastics, established on the initiative of Unionplast, Plasticseurope Italia and Corepla, aims to promote a meeting of supply and demand in the area of recycled plastics, both between private companies and between companies and the Public Administration. IPPR has been pursuing this objective since 2004, when the circular economy was not yet on the agenda.

Having developed a very high level of expertise in Italy and Europe, IPPR is able to certify materials and products obtained from the valorisation of plastic waste and by-products with the Plastica Seconda Vita (Plastica Second Life) label.

IPPR also aims to be a driving force of recycled plastics education and culture in schools, institutions, large-scale retail trade, companies and, more generally, all citizens.

It was IPPR’s idea to create, first in Italy and in Europe, an eco-label for recycled plastic materials and products: the Plastic Second Life (PSV) certification.

The focus on plastics recycling by institutions, businesses and citizens is growing and inspiring. In this context, IPPR is, and increasingly intends to be, a benchmark for circular economy in Italy and Europe.

Libero Cantarella
IPPR President


A powerful driving force, such as IPPR, needs an experienced and reliable leadership, not least because it often travels little-trodden roads in search for new paths.

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