Recycled plastic is everywhere around us, much more than you might think. Below you will find, by way of exemplification, some product types that have already obtained the “Plastic Second Life” label and the sectors they belong to.

The application sectors

Building industry

thermal insulation, pipes, membranes, crawl spaces


tiles, platforms, slabs, grids, runners


shopping bags, reels, bottles, pallets, food trays, fruit and vegetable crates, jerrycans, bottle racks, buckets, bottles


composters, pots for plants and flowers, garden furniture

Waste collection

Separate waste collection containers, waste collection bags, bins, bottle banks and skips

Street furniture

benches, planters, litter bins, boxes, fences, bicycle racks, notice boards, playground equipment, tables, swings and slides, dog agility courses, trash bin clusters, signs, elements for marine and lagoon environments

Materials and semi-finished product

flakes, compounds, granules, thickeners

Yarn and fabrics

ribbons, fabrics


drying racks, bathroom fittings, baskets, kitchenware

Office furniture


Disposable Items

plates, glasses, salad bowls

Pet supplies

kennels, litters, carriers, beds

Personal articles

costume jewellery, clothing accessories, personal hygiene

Gadgets and promotional items

Beach toys

Professional Cleaning Equipment

trolleys and accessories

Products for communities

tables, seats, professional cleaning, playground equipment, trash bins, benches

Store furniture




Furniture and furnishing materials


Technical products

technical plugs, elements for chemical plants

Plastica Seconda Vita (Plastic Second Life)

All the products bearing the Plastica Seconda Vita (Plastic Second Life) label can be viewed in a dedicated section of the website and in the volumes published annually by IPPR.