The thousand lives
of plastics

It was IPPR’s idea to create, first in Italy and in Europe, an eco-label for recycled plastic materials and products: the Plastica Seconda Vita (Plastic Second Life) certification. The aim of this initiative was to be able to certify the materials and products obtained from the valorisation of plastic waste and at the same introduce two highly significant concepts: the quality and traceability of recycled materials.

The Plastic Second Life label has an important mission: to promote and communicate the recyclability of polymers and highlight the great potential of plastic materials to bring about a circular economy.

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,Plastica Second Life


Relies on the guarantees offered by the technical standards of the sector UNI UNIPLAST 10667 an EN 15343 and the third-party tests carried out by accredited certification bodies.


Applies applies the concept of “traceability” of recycled materials and determines their content according to EN ISO 14021.


Makes more visible and more easily identifiable the articles made of recycled plastics that are taken up by public administrations and/or companies with predominantly public capital, as well as by large-scale retail trade and private citizens. This is the reason why IPPR publishes and constantly updates the Directory of materials and products bearing the “Plastic Second Life” label. For this reason IPPR publishes and constantly updates the Directory of materials and products under the “PlasticaSeconda Vita” brand.

Who is interested in certification


It makes it possible to qualify products and materials.

Public Administration

It makes it possible to recognise the products that qualify for Green Public Procurement (GPP).


It enables them to make sustainable choices and engage in environmentally virtuous behaviour.

Large-scale retail trade

It makes it possible to actively respond to the ever-increasing demand for eco-sustainable products from environmentally aware customers and to stay ahead of trends in this area.

Those who care about the environment

It promotes the use of circular materials

The Plastic Second Life
Plastica Seconda Vita (Plastic Second Life)
in the service of
Green Public Procurement (GPP)

Green Public Procurement is the approach whereby public administrations integrate environmental criteria into each and every stage of the goods and services purchasing process, encouraging the dissemination of environment-friendly technologies and the development of environmentally sound products by researching and selecting the results and the solutions that have the least possible impact on the environment throughout their life cycles.

In order to maximise adherence to GPP, the Italian Ministry of the Environment has drawn up a National Action Plan (GPP NAP) that defines the national goals and makes reference to specific decrees for the identification of the sets of Minimum Environmental Criteria to be applied to each different type of procurement process.

Italy is the first EU country where the application of GPP rules is mandatory in 100% of the calls for tenders concerning the supply categories for which the Minimum Environmental Criteria are in force (Art. 34 of Legislative Decree 36/2023 “Public Contracts Code”). Many of the articles involved consist of products and packaging made of recycled plastic.
Plastica Seconda Vita (Plastic Second Life) is a means to assess conformity to the Minimum Environmental Criteria whenever the recycled content in a product needs to be attested.