IPPR Institute


IPPR - Istituto per la Promozione delle Plastiche da Riciclo (Institute for the Promotion of Recycled Plastics) - was founded in 2004 to offer a visibility platform to all companies producing and distributing recycled plastics and related products, favouring the market of secondary raw materials and promoting their use by processors.

It is a meeting point between supply and demand in the field of green purchases between private companies and between companies and the Public Administration.

IPPR represents a showcase for ecological plastic products certified by the “Plastic Second Life” mark. It also wants to be a context of education and promotion capable of making culture of recycled plastic and circular economy in schools, institutions, retail groups and businesses.



Libero Cantarella

Vice President: Antonio Furiano

Board members:

Giuseppe Augugliaro
Marco Bergaglio
Francesca Sancinelli
Pietro Spagni
Marco Tincani
Ludovico Tomasi


Giorgio Leone


Secretary: Maria Cristina Poggesi
Head of Research: Marino Lamperti
Secretary’s Office: Renata Facelli, Lucia Policastro




The idea: , Plastic Second Life

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IPPR was the first in Italy and Europe to have the idea of creating an ecological label for recycled plastic materials and products.

But why is there a "comma" in the brand name and logo? To represent that short pause between the first life of plastic (the product) and its second life (the product becomes waste, is collected and recycled, and then becomes a new product). The comma and not the point, therefore, that is, a short pause to highlight the environment need for rapid human intervention in the transformation of waste into a resource.

The comma is the most versatile sign in punctuation, characteristic, the latter, typical of plastics: transformable into a multitude of shapes and colours, in the most varied application sectors, and with a sustainable soul, unfortunately often unknown or underestimated.

The ", Plastic Second Life" brand also has this mission, that is to communicate the recyclability of polymers: a mission carried out by those who work voluntarily for the Institute every day, with the fundamental help of the three founding members (PlasticsEurope Italia, Unionplast and Corepla).

A brand, therefore, that fully represents the great potential of plastics in the creation of circular economy.